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Brownies take two3
Brownies take two

As promised Mr Whittaker's brownies recreated for all of you who are in parts of the world where you can't get his amazi

Fruit Sponge32
Fruit sponge

This recipe was an old favourite growing up. Ingredients 2 cups hot stewed fruit, sweetened to taste (I used rhubarb in

Tomato relish28
Tomato relish

Cut a small cross in the base of each tomato and blanch in boiling water to remove the skins. Quarter the tomatoes, mix

Very easy fruit cake - Jo Seagar recipe55
Very easy fruit cake - jo seagar recipe

This is a great cake, nice and moist and easy to make. It makes a big cake or you can divide into a variety of tins to m

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Chilli Jam24
Chilli jam

Chilli Jam A friend at work recently loaned me her copy of Annabel Langbein the Free Range Cook, and one of th

Apple Crumble5
Apple crumble

I made these quite a few months back but have only got round to blogging about it now. A good friend of mine came to sta

Coconut Curry Hoki Bake31
Coconut curry hoki bake

Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius (I put mine on fan-grill to start and once the coconut gets a golden colour I switc

Mumsey's Christmas Cake11
Mumsey's christmas cake

This is my own recipe developed from one in an old Edmonds Cook book I got when I first got married. I have changed the

Christmas seafood platter1
Christmas seafood platter

1. Fill a large platter with crushed ice. Place the cooked crayfish, prawns, oysters and lemons on top of the ice. 2. D

Caramel Oat Slice …20
Caramel oat slice …

I don’t know if Jo Seagar’s recipe was supposed to come out the way it does for me or not, but I found that the caramel

Maca energy balls8
Maca energy balls

Amazeballs, bliss balls, energy balls, protein balls….these delicious little mouthfuls are known by many names.  There a

Sultana ,Walnut and Quinoa Cookies5
Sultana ,walnut and quinoa cookies

The best way to describe these cookies is that they taste like a cross between anzac cookies and muesli. One of the ingr

Cinco de Mayo at El Torito Grill1
Cinco de mayo at el torito grill

Cinco the Mayo calls for Margaritas: that's the rule! Everything else is secondary to most people but for me, food is ve

Chorizo sausage rolls1
Chorizo sausage rolls

I made these chorizo sausage rolls when my parents came to stay over Easter as I wanted something I could prepare in adv

Beef Quesadillas with Avocado Salsa and Dr Libby's Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries6
Beef quesadillas with avocado salsa and dr libby's chocolate mousse with strawberries

Quesadillas have long been a favourite meal of mine, but when you start cutting out gluten and dairy, suddenly a meal wh

Lunchbox Bakes - Kumara and Bacon Savoury Slice4
Lunchbox bakes - kumara and bacon savoury slice

This is a really tasty slice and is easy to make.  It’ll go down a treat if you’re having a few people over for lunch o

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