Agnes chang baking made easy recipes

Potato buns 马铃薯面包

..d shelves in supermarket or bread store. These buns are made from a variation of sweet buns dough. To have better..

Sweet loaf 甜面包

..mooth, I experienced 4 failed attempts before I finally made my first loaf. I started off my bread making with no..

Butter crumble sweet buns with kaya 加央酥松粒面包 (featured in group recipes)

.. also extracted from my one and only one bakery book - Baking made easy by Agnes Chang..

Victoria sandwich 维多利亚三明治蛋糕

..with her afternoon tea. I adopted this cake recipe from Agnes Chang “ I can bake”.  You can have many vari..

Taro/yam paste fillings 芋头馅料

..boxes2 weeks ago, I started to make my first batch of homemade traditional baked moon cake 广式月饼. I used the same ..

Summer foodie highlights:dehydrated kale and portland

..s: weight loss, vitamins B1, B2, C and E, potassium, magnesium, zinc which I need apparently because of my Hashi..

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Almond butter cookies 杏仁牛油饼

There is a saying that baking can be a great bonding activity and I agree fully to it. Last Sunday, I had a fun c..

Custard cream puff 吉士 (卡士达) 泡芙

..tries except for cream puff.  For him to appreciate my baking, I reckoned it was time for me to learn his favouri..


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