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Steamed buns (baozi/pau) 包子

Supreme big Baozi/Pau, anyone? 大包?  Bread is the main staple food to Western Cuisine as in Baozi/Pau (stea..


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Recipes for agnes

Potato buns 马铃薯面包

  ..ings to your liking.This recipe was adapted from Agnes Chang’s “ I can bake”. However I was not satisfied ..

Hong kong style sausage rolls 港式肠仔包

  ..e which I extracted from my first baking book by Agnes Chang that I shared here. The following recipe used..

Sweet loaf 甜面包

  .. from one of my cook books - Baking made easy by Agnes Chang. Even with clear instructions, it still took ..

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Recipes for chang

Bak chang (savoury rice dumpling) 咸肉粽子 - featured in group recipes

  .. we didn't have a chance to eat nice Malaysian made Bak Chang (in Hokkien) a.k.a. zhong Zhi粽子. Even though we cou..

P.f.chang's shanghai style beef

  ..f the freezer section, I happened to glance at the P.F. Chang's Shanghai Beef. It looked good and it was on sale...

Frugal foodie friday - garlic noodles aka p.f. chang.

  .. P.F. Chang's China Bistro Garlic Noodles...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite inspired by P.F. Chang co..

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Recipes for pau

Wholemeal pau 麦片包子

  Healthy Pau   I’ve been trying hard to keep my post up to date. However my current work schedule seems hard for m..

Bbq buns (cha siu pau )叉燒包

  I suppose those who love dim sum would agree Cha Siu Pau is one of the signature buns served among dim sum dishes..

Anti candida crusade

  ..ct is simply wonderful.  The formulation has just been changed to include probiotics, and it is got some zing.  I..

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