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..had planned to use some cutters I ordered from Not Just Cakes by Annie. The cake I had covered had a big f..


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Easy-to-make snow skin mooncake

  ..2013. Are you busy looking for some simple recipe for mooncake? Well, try this really simple Snow Skin Mooncak..

Make aioli

  ..ided to tackle item number 70 on my foodie bucket list: make aioli. Both hollandaise and aioli are emulsions whic..

Make paste boil down to nothing. The pips provide the pectin to make it set so the more the merrier. Cook until tender (a..

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Recipes for rugby

Rugby fever hits baking

  The Rugby World Cup kicked off in New Zealand on Friday and it seems most of the country has caught rugby ..

Shore girl goes south: rugby oreo truffles for baking for hospice

  ..ting????  :) Just before I left Auckland, I made these Rugby Oreo Truffles for the Baking for Hospice Kiwi Rou..

Auckland blues rugby cake

  The Auckland Blues are the Auckland rugby team and this cake was made for a big fan!

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Recipes for birthday

Lam mee/birthday noodles 淋面

  ..generations in Penang, Lam Mee is a must serve during birthday celebration to symbolize longevity. Therefore last..

Happy birthday blog cake

  Banks Peninsula Walnut Cake with birthday candlep { margin-bottom: 0.21c This blog was one year old yester..

Happy birthday to mel: chocolate mud birthday cake!

  Today is Melissa’s birthday, so yesterday I visited her at work with a home made Mud Cake to celebrate her..

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Recipes for cake

Banana cake

  .. share with you is one which is still my very favourite cake to eat, even after all these years. Banana cake..

Lolly cake - back to basics

  ..r today I'm going back to basics again and making Lolly cake.   Lolly cake has been around for a long long..

Banana cake

  ..e this recipe in the NZ Women's Weekly. (Don't ask!) It makes a very moist banana cake but only needs 2 ri..

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