Manuka smoke concentrate recipes

The cuisine artisan awards

..s of the awards. The platter consists of short fin Moko Smoke Eel pate, warm Chorizos Garcia fresh chorizo and ch..

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Tips and timesavers odours. top^ GET RID OF PIMPLES Tea tree oil (from Manuka trees here in New Zealand) is awesome on pimples! I..


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Recipes for manuka

Mossop’s manuka honey and manuka fudge ice cream thickened cream (beating cream) 1/3 cup of Mossop’s Manuka honey (1/4 cup if your tooth isn’t quite as sweet) ..

Manuka bacon, apple & goat's cheese salad with honey lemon dressing

  ..sion and rubbed one all over with a generous dollop of manuka honey and salt.  For the savoury a combination of g..

Pumpkin porridge with shaved manuka leg hams 南瓜火腿粥

  .. sweet flavour and create attractive color)A packet of Manuka Leg hams (emm...this soft and salty ham seem nice t..

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Recipes for smoke

Super smoked kahawai fish pie

  .. fish cakes, not exactly a fish to pan fry Chris home smoked it He really nailed it It was so moist and full..

Friday smoked fish pie

  I've always loved the sweet flavour of smoked fish. Of course it's better if it's a gourmet kind. Wellington's ne..

Smoked fish & orzo pasta salad with spinach, lemon and feta. with chili,garlic and seschwan pepper. We have some smoked mullet as well so I'm making a salad made with orzo..

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Recipes for concentrate

Homemade chai tea concentrate

  Whenever I go to a café I always choose one of two drinks – coffee latte or chai tea latte. I love the sweet and spiced ..

The best ginger loaf

  It was one of those days. I had to come up with something quick, easy to make and delicious that would satisfy a crowd. ..

Pineapple lumps cupcakes

  .. flavour, I think next time I'm going to try find a concentrated pineapple juice and see if that helps. In the se..

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