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Citrus almond semolina cake

One of the 'stars' in our garden is the huge lemon tree. It's a very old gnarly one that's produced a fabulous cr..

Food gurus fav roast

..ce has been outstanding. With Selaks NZ Roast Day next Sunday 4th August, some of the nation’s top food personali..


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Recipes for ray

Ray's banoffie pie

  ..ll after dinner, and maybe for breakfast...once!? Cheers Ray xBiscuit base..Break up malt biscuits and ginger nut..

Tuna casserole anyone- move over rachel ray

  Last night was The Cat Stevens Concert at The Vector. My beloved generously gave up his ticket to our friend Lana. About..

Mini corn dogs {and my burger on rachael ray!}

  ..missed it, My Caprese Burger was featured on THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW yesterday, AH!!!!! It was the last minute of th..

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Recipes for mcvinnie

Flawless flourless chocolate cake

  ..d a flourless chocolate cake I'd never made before, from Ray McVinnie. He says he got it from Glenn, a col..

Chicken baked in pockets

  ..ferent, innovative ways to serve good healthy food. This Ray McVinnie recipe caught my eye as I had a few ..

The kitchen blackboard & hot-smoked salmon cakes recipe

  .." depending on what I was able to get at the market.  Sometimes the plan gets a major transformation if I've come..

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Recipes for sunday

Savoury sunday: spinach and feta muffins

  ..degrees C and lightly grease a muffin tin with some oil spray or butter. 2) Heat the milk and butter in a large p..

Sunday night dinner

  ..s…potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions accompanied by mustard sauce. Our friend John is a coeliac so this menu w..

Savoury sundays: chorizo & courgette risotto

  Risotto is something I have always stayed away from cooking, thinking that it is too hard and requires too much ‘chefy’ ..

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Recipes for star

Rainbow star-shaped birthday cake

  ..fer. The twist to it is that the shape of the cake is a star! No I don’t have multiples of star pans so ye..

Knitted star whale pattern

  After loving the Star Whale in Doctor Who "The Beast Below"... I decided I needed one.  And there was no knitting..

Mini star cupcakes

  I made mini cupcakes for my Sunday School class at Church. These are "Yellow Cake" with Chocolate Buttercream (ma..

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Recipes for times

Adventure time cake

  I think I've figured out a way to measure how old I'm getting. See if I know what cartoons are "cool" right now.First it..

Dinner time musings

  .. Tomato Sauce1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce1 tsp prepared mustard1/2 tsp yeast extract, marmite or vegemite (it's a ..

Party time wasps

  I had my book group friends over and produced this little dish of delights to have with coffee. One of my ladies said "a..

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