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Chinese cruller / you tiao / cakoi

..esTemp : 17°CSalam, Kia Ora...I've been wanting to eat Chinese rojak since last week.  Everytime I think about ro..


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Homemade chinese preserved pork (lap yuk) 自制腊肉

  Chinese New Year Dishes – Part 1 (年菜之一, 腊味)Another 4 more days, 3rd February 2011, we are going to celebrate C..

Chinese sausage and scallion fried rice

  I haven’t cooked fried rice for a long time and the last time was this Pineapple Fried Rice exactly 1 year ago. While th..

Chinese tea eggs

  ..roduce a different kind of egg that is dear to me. The Chinese tea egg. When I was a little girl, I knew that eve..

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