Thai kumara and carrot salad recipes

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..etables and some type of carbohydrate – either potato, kumara, brown rice or something similar. 4. Friday or Satu..

Tips and timesavers and serve over shredded raw cabbage or with a Caesar Salad. Mmmm. top^ EGGS Eggs, as well as flour, are the st..


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Recipes for thai

Mini thai chicken puddings

  ..small red chili ( deseeded)1 red capsicum chopped1 tbsp Thai red curry paste2 tbsp fish sauce200 ml light coconut..

Thai fish cakes – a low cal smash hit

  Thai Fish Cakes     Thai fish cakes make an excellent low-calorie meal, and these are oven baked not fr..

Thai style deep-fried fish fillet 泰式脆鱼条

  .. wrote in the final week in Auckland in March 2011.Last Thai in AucklandWith our fridge sold in preparation for o..

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Recipes for kumara

Kumara and mandarin salad with hazelnut oil dressing

  ..w days until I came up with this recipe. It's a healthy salad made with roasted kumara, madarins, sunflowe..

Kumara and bacon mini muffins

  I made these Kumara and Bacon Mini Muffins a few weeks ago when we had a long weekend.  We were away with my pare..

Kumara and banana slice - gluten-free, vegan, aip, sugar-free

  ..tamed (or permanently confused, I'm not sure which). Kumara (sweet potato) and Banana Slice The flesh of two l..

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Recipes for carrot

Carrot cake

  I asked my Mum if she would make Simon a carrot cake for his birthday and he ended up with a big square carrot..

Recipe: carrot, pineapple and zucchini cake

  Carrot cake is my favourite cake. Hmm, let me rephrase that. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is my fav..

Roast carrot and yam salad with broccoli and avocado

  ..n it is roasted.  Still tastes good though.Use tons of carrots as they shrink to nothing once they are roasted.  ..

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Recipes for salad

Superfood salad

  ..feel that I need to get myself healthy. So after a few salads like this I feel like I am back on track. There is ..

Fruit salad muffins.

  .. I made these muffins from part of a large tin of fruit salad I had opened and ate one while sitting in the warm ..

Surimi salad

  Surimi I guess most of us associates it with crab meat but in Japan surimi can be made out of any seafood that is pulv..

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